For expectant mothers, Ob-Gyn Associates offers lactation counseling to help them prepare for breastfeeding. Our lactation expert Judy Brady helps new moms overcome problems and ensure that the breastfeeding process is both successful and pleasant. To book an appointment with our lactation specialist, please call our office. Lactation appointments cannot currently be booked online.

What are common breastfeeding problems?

  • Breastfeeding position: This is one of the most frequent mistakes and one of the easiest to correct. Once you have the baby in the correct position, many other issues can be corrected and proper feeding will take place. If the baby is in the wrong position or doesn’t latch on properly, it can cause nipple soreness and abrasion.
  • Breast pain or infection: Breast tenderness is common when first beginning to breastfeed. However, lasting or severe soreness in combination with flu-like symptoms could indicate a plugged duct or a breast infection. Seek medical help for this right away.
  • Nipple confusion: Occasionally a baby is transferred to a bottle too soon after birth and then refuses the breast. To avoid nipple confusion, many lactation specialists suggest that parents wait 3 to 4 weeks before switching to the bottle.
  • Using a breast pump: Several women have inquiries about what type of breast pump to use, how often they should pump, how to store milk, and numerous other questions.

What is a lactation consultant?

Lactation consultants are professional breastfeeding experts who have been trained to teach mothers proper technique. They assist women having difficulties including latching trouble, discomfort during nursing, and low milk production. A lactation consultant also assists babies who are not gaining sufficient weight. Lactation consultants will teach classes on breastfeeding to pregnant women through the practice. Lactation consultants also assist women who will be returning to work or school hit their breastfeeding goals. They will be familiar with breastfeeding equipment such as breast pumps and will provide breastfeeding tips on proper positioning and milk storage.

What are lactation courses?

To help you prepare for breastfeeding prior to the arrival of your, our practice offers a breastfeeding, or lactation course. These classes offer basic information regarding what to expect, breastfeeding positions, overcoming any problems, and helpful tools. Ask one of the obstetricians or contact the office about signing up for a lactation course to help you with successful, pleasant breastfeeding.