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Providers and Offices

We work in two different, but collaborative teams – the physicians and the nurse midwives. A nurse midwife performs all first prenatal visits. After your initial visit, you will be able to choose either the physician or midwife team to continue your care and deliver your baby (See Midwife or Doctor? How to Choose). You will have the opportunity to see all the providers within your group during your prenatal visits to ensure the provider “on call” will be familiar to you when it’s time to deliver. Some medical conditions may require you to see the physicians for your care, however, we will make all attempts to accommodate your preferences.

We maintain full-time offices in both Havre de Grace and Bel Air, and all providers see patients at both locations. Our electronic medical record system gives us full access to your health information regardless of where you are seen, but we ask that you choose one office as your main office.

How to Contact Us

Normal Business Hours
The offices are generally open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 4:30 PM.  This is the best time to call for appointments, financial questions, as well medical problems.  Please call the main office where you are seen for inquiries and appointments.

Bel Air 443.643.4300
Havre de Grace 410. 939.3121

After Hours
Please call the main office number where you are seen and listen to the recorded message for instructions and for which providers are on-call and how to contact them. Do not leave a message on the answering system. Unless it is an emergency, please do not go to the hospital unless you have first called your provider. In the event of an issue in contacting the on-call provider, call the Family Birthplace at the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center at 443.643.1200.


Office Visits and Laboratory Tests

If your pregnancy is progressing normally, you will see your provider every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two to three weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until delivery. If needed, you will be seen more often. All office visits are by scheduled appointment and you are invited to bring a guest to any and all visits. Sick children and adults are asked to stay at home. Eating, drinking and smoking pose health hazards in the waiting room areas and are not permitted.

You will have routine blood tests completed several times during your pregnancy, and blood drawing is available at both offices. Other tests, procedures and high-risk consultations may be discussed as individual circumstances and the need arises.  Ultrasounds are routinely ordered at 18 to 20 weeks to review the baby's anatomy, with other ultrasounds ordered as needed.

Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and Family Birthplace

All Susquehanna OB/GYN deliveries are performed at the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center’s (UMUC) Family Birthplace. Opened in October 2000, UCMC is a modern 150 bed hospital with a well-equipped maternity unit that performs over 1,400 deliveries per year. The newborn nursery provides Level II care to babies delivered as early as seven and one half months gestation. In-house pediatric, anesthesia and operating room services are available 24 hours per day. Tours of the Family Birthplace are available to all expectant parents. Learn more.

Insurance and Financial Considerations

Susquehanna OB/GYN participates with numerous insurance plans. We will gladly contact your insurance company to determine your plan benefits and to help estimate your potential “out of pocket” share of the costs. Typically, we bill a “global” fee for your obstetrical care. This global fee includes normal office visits, care during your labor and delivery, and a postpartum office visit. However, since every pregnancy is different, any additional visits to the hospital, fetal testing or office visits will be billed separately and according to the rules established by each insurance company. Please note, our global fee does not cover charges from other parties such lab tests, radiology and hospital fees.

Insurance companies may restrict which laboratories, radiologists and consultants you may use. Likewise, some tests that we recommend may not be covered by your insurance plan. We will make every effort to follow or notify you of these restrictions.
It is our policy to have your estimated global fee paid by one month prior to delivery. After delivery and when your insurance company has issued payment, we will apply your payments to the balance due. Should your payments exceed or be less than the balance, we will promptly issue a refund or an invoice for the balance due.

Any change in your insurance must be reported to us as soon as possible.  Failure to notify us will leave the billing responsibility with you.

For women that deliver boys, please note that not all insurance programs pay for circumcisions. It is recommended that you verify with your insurance plan to determine these benefits before delivery. If your child is not added to your insurance plan prior to or at birth, or if circumcision is not a covered service, you will be responsible for the cost. Please call our billing department after delivery to inform us of your baby boy’s coverage if you opt for a circumcision.

Questions? Contact our billing department at (410)939.9569

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